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Best Forex EA 2023
ELM EA – ELM EA is the best Forex Expert Advisor for executing trades on a broker's platform. ELM EA analyzes market data and makes decisions to automatically execute trades with up to 92% success rate.193 characters

Hi, I’m Jared! CEO of ELM EA,

Programmer and creator

of the algotrading community.

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A little introduction…​


How long does it take to learn how to trade the market? How much news is it worth watching and correctly assessing the current trend of currency pairs? How much time does a beginning trader spend not understanding theory and simple things? The answer is obvious – years. Not everyone will reach the end and most probably will quit without getting any result.
Trading robots for the Forex market today are very numerous, and not all of them can boast of the results achieved by the developers of ELM EA.

ELM EA has a complex and innovative approach to forex analysis with very high mathematical expectation. The algorithm analyses ticks and is capable of handling more than 50 ticks per second. But even with its huge database, it is still a man-made program that has flaws that the developers need to work on.

Sceptics will think there is nothing new in this algorithm. And they would be wrong. Now we will tell you about this amazing trading robot. At elm-ea.com there is a video review with accurate data and statistics on its use, as well as an opportunity to request a free copy of ea.

Key features

ELM EA is a fully automated cross-platform trading robot. Only one trade at a time. No “rebuild algorithms (martingale)” or other dangerous strategies. The lot size of the next order is always the same according to the Risk settings, regardless of the result of the previous one. The algorithm uses virtual TP and SL as well as real TP and SL visible to the broker. A smart money management system which allows it to work even on a $10 account. A trading strategy that does not require a lot of margin, thanks to which it can work successfully on trading accounts with low leverage.
Algorithm can only be tested in real time. The history test function is disabled. Real-time tests take more time but show reliable results that can be trusted, unlike tests from the strategy tester.
Much attention was paid to the results of direct testing so users do not need to worry about the need to optimize the algorithm.

It supports 26 currency pairs. Depending on the version. Optimum version supports 6 currency pairs, Pro version supports 26 currency pairs.

Trading Strategy

The future of your finances is in your hands

ELM EA is the result of more than 10 years of studying the markets and programming forex trading robots it is perfect for beginners and professionals. This extremely profitable EA will automatically trade for you 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, with multiple trades per day, trading strategies based on volume analysis. At its core, the strategy uses the analysis of 16 market volume indicators and is controlled by just a few parameters in the algorithm code.

✅ Accurate signals
✅ Strategy 2022
✅ Risk Control
✅ No martingale
✅ Any Broker
✅ Accurate signals

The algorithm uses deep analysis to predict changes in exchange rates. Our approach to analyzing trade opening conditions is unsurpassed and if the recommended settings are followed, we always give trading signals with an accuracy over 70%.

✅ Strategy 2022

We are against the use of outdated methods of market analysis, which were written in a book in the last century. Our strategy works here and now, in the year 2021. We created this strategy taking into account all the specifics of the market that happened in the last year.

✅ Risk Control

The algorithm has a complete risk management module for trading. In our practice, there has never been a case where a client woke up in the morning and the bot lost all the money in the account.
No more than 1 trade on 1 currency pair can be opened at a time.

✅ No martingale

We are against the use of such a method of management, orders as a martingale. This is the most dangerous trading method, because at any time it can bring a loss of 100% of the deposit.

✅ Any Broker

Our algorithm is compatible with many popular Forex brokers that do not mind their clients earning profits. The main requirement is a high execution speed and sufficient liquidity to minimize the probability of slippage.

Explore the algorithm and see what it can do

Download and install free version Today

Here are just six reasons

  • Quick installation based on prepared templates
  • Detailed documentation
  • You can start trading without any knowledge of forex trading
  • Compatible with MT4/5
  • Very fast and easy way to start Automatic Trading
  • Trade on only 1 currency pair or 26 currency pairs at a time
What distinguishes our project from others….

Live-time tests only

We prefer not to test our algorithm on historical data, because this approach has a lot of inaccuracies. We offer our clients the ability to only test the algorithm in real time on a trading account. Real-time testing reflects the algorithm’s work with high accuracy, because this approach does not simulate the market from the past. The algorithm performs its analysis in real time and makes trading decisions.

Join to Our Forum

The community of ELM EA demo and real version users is open to new traders.
Here we communicate, share our results and discuss various technical questions about working with our algorithm.

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How to get started and Download EA?

3 simple steps…

1 – Download EA

Send /Start to the telegram bot

2 – Open Account

Open an account with any MT4/5 broker. Use brokers with high quality execution.

3 – Setup Algo

Use the VPS server for your work. Do the installation following the instructions.

It’s very quick and takes no more than 1 minute. After requesting, you will receive a link to the archive. Please unzip the archive. In the archive you will see 2 folders. The Optimum version and the Professional version. In each of these versions will be 1 algorithm for mt4 and 1 algorithm for mt5.  More details about the differences in the versions can be found here.


The most popular customer questions

What TimeFrame?

For analysis, the algorithm uses ticks. Each price movement is analyzed. This is a much more accurate method of analysis than timeframe based analysis, but requires more RAM of your server.
Therefore, it does not matter for the algorithm on which timeframe it will work. The result will be the same.

Why use a VPS? Can I trade from my home PC?

Yes, you can. But it’s better not to waste your time trading from your home PC.
Your home PC, does not have all the necessary technical features to provide the proper quality of work.
The result of work with home PC, will be much worse than the result of work on the server. This is due to low bandwidth and high ping to liquidity providers.
From home PC you can trade manually, but when it comes to scalping intraday, you definitely need a VPS server.

Read more here

Which VPS server should I choose?

We recommend using professional hosting for traders.
To work with 3 MT4 at the same time you will need

  • 2GB/Ram
  • 2x CPU
  • Location: London

You can choose any provider among popular ones.

  • chocoping.com (great value for money)
  • fxvm.net
  • fxvpspro.com (Low price, medium quality)

How Download Demo?

Use our Telegram bot to get the download link.


It’s quick and won’t take you more than 1 minute.
You’ll get a download link and all the necessary instructions.

Does your algorithm use stop loss and take profit?

Yes, you use a strict stop loss and take profit on every trade. No more than 1 trade on 1 currency pair can be open at a time.

What trading platforms are supported?

Currently, we support two main trading platforms. Metatrader 4 and Metatrader 5.

How much currency pairs?

The number of trading pairs depends on the selected package.

OPTIMUM package includes possibility of simultaneous trading on 6 currency pairs:

PROFESSIONAL package supports 26 currency pairs.

How often does the robot open trades?

The algorithm works on the basis of strict conditions. Most trades are opened during the London and American trading sessions. But if there is no volatility in the market, the algorithm may not open trades for 1-2 days.
Usually most of the trades are opened in the period from Wednesday to Friday.
On some days more than 20 deals can be opened, on other days 0 deals.
It depends on the market volatility.

What is the cost of the EA?

Information about available packages and current prices can be found on the page:


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You need our algorithm if you…

Are you tired of losing your hard-earned money with systems that fail to live up to your expectations?

Do you want to take control of your future and become your own boss? You are not alone, because everyone wants to retire early, earn enough to buy their dream home or bring up their kids how they want.
Solution: We provide you solutions for all of the above problems. After months of development we have finally completed our revolutionary EA – ELM EA

Spend months or years (or even your life) studying the markets, monitoring global events, managing multiple trading accounts and/or having to trade manually.

Free yourself from all this by acquiring a highly profitable trading strategy that will do it for you.
With our EA, you will earn more daily than most employees anywhere in the world earn per year! You no longer have to think about when to enter or exit positions, monitor open positions, set stop-loss and take-profit orders – our EA will do all of this for you.

You want to get into forex trading, but want to know where to start?

We’ve written the manual for you. It includes everything you need to know before you start using Elon Musk EA. With proper preparation, you can utilize this software, with its top grade indicators, and see great results!

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